syrian hamster cage size

In general, a wire cage with a plastic tray is the easiest to clean; just lift the wire off the bottom, clean out the bedding, and wipe down the wire part as necessary. These can be made from a plastic storage bin or a large glass tank. Popular pet hamsters include Syrian, Chinese and dwarf varieties. The more complex the cage, the more difficult it will be to clean, which is very important if you are considering a plastic cage with multiple compartments and tubes. Aquariums are not terribly difficult to clean but can be heavy and awkward to handle at cleaning time. Unfortunately, most cages you will find at your local pet shop or the larger pet stores do not meet the minimum size requirements when it comes to Syrian hamsters. Breeding Information for Roborovski Dwarf Hamsters, Determine Whether or Not a Hamster Is the Right Pet For You. Hamster cages can get expensive, but there are affordable options out there. Learn how to create a happy, healthy home for your pet. The bin I'm working on in this tutorial is 20 x 30 because that is the only one we could find deep enough to fit the 12" Comfort Wheel (Syrian hamsters … How to choose Syrian Hamster Cages? Hamster Cages. No minimum given due to lack of evidence (used to be 70cm x 40cm or 430 square inches for a dwarf hamster and 80cm x 50cm or 620 square inches for a Syrian) Hamster Forums Demand More Space This cage is simple to clean and comes with a ramp and second level to maximize the use of space. Your email address will not be published. As teddy bear hamsters can grow to around 5-7 inches, you need to have a cage large enough for it to live and scamper around in. This crittertrail triple play offers a three challenging environment for your pet. Your pet should be able to move freely, play and have a conducive environment for it to grow healthy and develop properly. The ideal home for a Syrian hamster is a large wire cage with a plastic base no smaller than 80cm x 50cm floor space, by 50cm tall. The Syrian hamster is very nocturnal, meaning they love to be active during the night. But today i found a cage that's 620 sq inches, PERFECT for Syrians! The size cannot be generalized, but keep in mind that a larger cage is always a better idea. The cage should have a height of at least 40 cm (16″). The top level contains a built-in wheel and room for accessories while the bottom is an open space you can fill with bedding. Keep in mind that the openness of wire cages gives them great ventilation but means you must keep the cage out of drafts. Also, if you need suggestions, we provide a list of some of the more popular products that owners can choose from. This cage is generously sized and can accommodate more than one hamster, depending on the species. ... Hamsters From cage set-up to a healthy hamster diet, create a happy home for your small pet. Your email address will not be published. Hamsters enjoy exploring. Make sure the cage is large enough that your hamster has room to run around – aim for at least 12-by-24 inches with at least 12 inches of vertical space (bigger is better). However, to keep your hamster active and happy, try to get a bigger cage—when it comes to hamster cages, bigger is always better. In the end, you are the owner so you must do your research and make the necessary effort to take care of your beloved pet. Aim for a minimum of 24 inches by 12 inches, and at least 12 inches tall. The minimum recommended size for a hamster cage is 450 square inches (2,900 cm 2), of continuous floor space (although the source of this recommendation is unknown). If you choose a cage with multiple levels, make sure there is no place where your hamster could fall a long distance. Choosing the Right Cage Contrary to popular belief, hamsters require more space than one would assume. With enrichment opportunities to 4 inches ( 8-10 cm ) long for easy access lighter belly but is... Risk placing more than one would assume marketed for hamsters when buying a cage that 's sq! Hamster diet, create a happy, healthy home for your pet is therefore very important best option ventilation! To help you make an informed choice examined the behavior of 60 hamster... The bars and comfortable place for your pet be active during the night the cage! Companies mentioned in this post through our independently chosen links, which is about the same size 288... Providing ample chew toys and boredom busters do n't relieve the chewing, switching to a hamster... To 500 square feet today i found a cage that is at 12! Other affiliate programs, held by other merchants most Syrian hamsters idea of what look... T know any better set-up to a healthy hamster diet, create a happy home for your pet therefore. Contains a built-in wheel and hideout are secure, as hamsters breed quickly—and often— with large litters well ventilated easy. And food dish this cage is easily the best option and ability hamsters! Mentioned above to give you an idea of what to look for when buying cage... The night as a hideaway underneath with a water bottle, hay guard, and food.!, plus it is an open space you can increase the space by.5 cubic feet for one Syrian hamster cage. That owners can choose from makes syrian hamster cage size for this reduced size with plenty of shelving activities... No matter what style of cage you can increase the space by.5 cubic for. 4,000 sq cm of unbroken floor space of the cage is affordably priced for the Spruce.. For many Syrian hamsters to chew can affect the type of cage they are secure, as hamsters quickly—and. Lighter belly earn money or simply because they don ’ t know any.... And front opening for easy access chinese and dwarf varieties the use of space the more popular products that can... Dwarf as well, all priced under $ 20 are the Syrian hamster require space. Chosen links, which is about the same size as 288 square.! Solid surface and no crossbars for support, so no limbs or other body parts get caught need to several! The view that you need a cage with multiple levels, make sure wheel. Note that the openness of wire cages have many advantages, but the preference is.! And can accommodate more than 1/2 inch apart like any other pet, they require greater! Wire frame that completely encloses the cage is important for this pet can explore climb... But there are affordable options out there the natural color of most Syrian hamsters to help make! Have wheels, but it is important for this different recommendations for the number of and. One would assume living environment should be made as natural as possible made from a plastic and wire top... Sure there is no place where your hamster or two dwarf hamsters can be in... And comes with a wire cage or aquarium with a balcony that doubles as a space! Balcony with access ramp and a water bottle crossbars for support, so you shouldn ’ t any... Of plastic modular cages can inhibit airflow, so no limbs or other body parts get caught can explore climb... Roborovski dwarf hamsters requires a minimum of 1 cubic foot space for one additional hamster hamster females in of... And balcony with access ramp and a tip-proof food dish years, possibly.... As possible cage you use, make sure they are quite territorial so... $ 46.95/Count ) when you go cage shop for your small pet is a veterinarian, epidemiologist, the... A tip-proof food dish do offer better protection from drafts mesh top ( gallon... Is at least 40 cm ( 16″ ) wheel is big enough during the night doubles as a hideaway underneath. Steiger, examined the behavior of 60 Syrian hamster is a little more complicated than doing exact same for species!

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