nikon d500 recommended settings

A deep grip makes it easy to hold and the ergonomics are typically Nikon-esque, which is a very good thing. One thing that I have always been a little confused on is whether to set my priority selection to Release + Focus or just Focus when using AF-C with Back Button Focus. Mine is set to “Dynamic Area AF (25 points)”, but if you prefer some other focusing mode like Group-area AF, you can choose that instead. Here are two easy ways that require only one hand to set the Nikon D500 buttons. I currently have had a change occur regarding the sub-selector, on the back of the camera body. I like storing focus points for vertical and horizontal shooting separately, so “Store by orientation” is set to Focus point. Since I use other third party software to store and process my images, the second part does not apply to me. I use a 150-600 lens and have this set to 2000 under minimum shutter speed because I like taking pictures of birds taking off. It is best that you explore your camera and learn about each setting as much as you can in order to take advantage of all the available features and customizations! Nasim Mansurov is the author and founder of Photography Life, based out of Denver, Colorado. The gym is well lit compared to others I’ve seen. I had nothing to fear – after using the D500 now for over a year it is the best camera I have owned . This setting controls how quickly your autofocus will re-engage when it detects focus errors. Depending on which Nikon digital camera you own, you will have a number of picture controls settings. 1. Please keep in mind that while the below settings work for me, it does not mean that they will work for everyone else. Out of the box and into the hand there are a few changes which become quickly obvious, not just from the D300 but also from Nikon’s whole product line-up.l Firstly, the remodelled grip is deeper and more acutely angled. The first one is “Shooting menu bank”, which allows you to store up to 4 different shooting menu settings. Thanks to its superb build quality, proven ergonomics, insanely fast autofocus system and a huge buffer, the Nikon D500 earned its spot as a top Nikon DSLR for action photography. Choose whether the camera uses the same focus point and AF-area mode in all orientations, or stores separate focus points and/or AF-area modes for use in “wide” (landscape) orientation, “tall” (portrait) orientation with the camera rotated 90° clockwise, or “tall” orientation with the camera rotated 90° counterclockwise. When you press the playback button on the back of the camera, you can press up/down buttons and you will be able to see different types of information. But they don’t do ff and their video isn’t exactly what I need . For events in which skaters frequently cross in front of one another, a slow blocked-shot response is recommended to improve tracking and prevent the focus point falling between the skaters. The camera will automatically track the diver, letting you concentrate on composition. If you shoot sports or wildlife, the D500 has a menu setting to limit autofocus modes. For your day to day shooting, just leave it on “Overflow” and if you really need to make sure that your photos are not lost if one of the cards fails, then choose “Backup”. Make sure to add a few important items under “MY MENU”, so that you can have quick access to them. These include Standard, Neutral, Vivid and Monochrome. View and Download Nikon D500 settings manual online. The emotion that elicits the show , or captures the essence of the moment in time . The author gives a very clear and concise explanation of the differences between focus+release and release+focus (and other) choices available, and why you might want to choose one over another. Take full control of your Nikon. The information in this article is provided as a guide for those who struggle with the camera and just want to get started with an understanding of the camera and its many features. Can you tell me what may have happened and how to activate it again? I practically rarely ever record videos, so the two most used buttons here are ISO and Exposure Compensation. This is achieved by programming the “Sub-selector center” section under “Custom control assignment” menu. I used this lens previously on both a D7000 and a D7100 and the lens performs a lot better on the D500. Everything else is default. I’m sure there are many such resources available- I have found this one to be excellent. I currently have it set to Focus. Let’s go through some of the important settings. The new Nikon … But with that said I grabbed the d500 the other day and realized what I’d been missing for a few months. Personally, I add a few menu options here such as “ISO sensitivity settings”, “Interval timer shooting” and “Exposure delay mode”, but that’s all a matter of preference. Bought this camera with very limited experience in digital photography but wanted the chance to grow into it rather then looking to purchase another camera as I improved. I’m late to this set up review but I learned from it and thank you! If you are using dynamic-area AF, choose an option with a comparatively high number of focus points ( ) to capture fast-moving subjects. I have viewed many YouTube videos but this was the best for setting up. I personally prefer to keep the “AF-C priority selection” at “Release”, which lets me take pictures of fast moving action without slowing down. Go through the “Custom control assignment” section and pick your favorite selections for each assignable button. Many Nikon shooters, including myself, have been puzzled by Nikon’s implementation of the menu banks, which have not been changed for many years now. I was with the understanding when taking pictures of birds in flight the shutter speed should be set to 2000. It seems, lot of features that i need to be familiar with and this and other related articles are really helping me. I almost got a Z7 when they came out on preorder. Use group-area AF if the subjects are far away. “NEF (RAW) recording” is always set on mine to 14-bit Lossless Compressed. Thanks Joyce, A great article thank you! NEF (RAW) Recording: NEF RAW Compression: Loose-less compressed and Bit Depth: 14-Bit Depth 3. The only thing I would do is set up “Image comment” and “Copyright information”. Now, it will not move when I attempt to toggle. Still, despite its strengths, it remains as a complex tool with numerous menu options that can be confusing for some photographers. Choosing an AF-area mode with comparatively few focus points (single-point or 25-point dynamic-area AF) helps prevent the camera focusing on the hurdles or the hurdler's legs. I kind of feel they are not totally listening to their customers and also not do the small things right in their cameras at the moment. “Subject motion” is set to the middle by default, which works pretty well, but you might want to change this depending on whether the subject movement is steady or erratic. For rapid AF-area mode selection when skaters switch positions, assign AF-area mode to the lens focus function buttons using Custom Setting f1 (Custom control assignment) > Lens focus function buttons (see this section). For me, the key button is Fn1, which I default to Spot Metering. Choosing 25-point dynamic-area AF or single-point AF makes it easy to keep subjects in focus as they change position in the pack, but you could instead choose auto-area AF if you find it hard to keep your subject in the focus point when shooting from a moving vehicle. Auto ISO Sensitivity Control. The complete manual as video. Auto-area AF is recommended if composition is a priority. Camera Functions. Doing so will reveal 4 different modes: “P” (Program Auto), “S” (Shutter Priority), “A” (Aperture Priority) and “M” (Manual). But the other day I pulled it off the gimbal and threw on its battery grip . Make sure to keep that lever on “AF”, or your lens will not autofocus. Press “Yes” and the lens should automatically calibrate. For flexible AF-area mode selection when photographing the start of a race, select single-point AF with the camera and assign group-area AF to the focus function buttons using Custom Setting f1(Custom control assignment) > Lens focus function buttons (see this section). Also step by step instructions on how to make those set-ups. Nikon D500 4K Video Settings – Best practise explained step by step. When photographing events with frequent jumps or changes of direction, choose 3D-tracking, position the focus area over your subject (for best results, choose the uniform or another area of the subject that is a different color from the background), and press and hold the AF‑ON button or keep the shutter-release button pressed halfway. I hope you found this article useful. PL provides various digital photography news, reviews, articles, tips, tutorials and guides to photographers of all levels, By Nasim Mansurov 48 CommentsLast Updated On August 8, 2019. I rarely ever touch anything in the Playback menu, since that’s only used for displaying pictures on the rear LCD. I especially like that the author gives the reasons one would use a given set-up or choice, and even gives personal recommendations, which may or may not coinside with your intended use. Ok thanks for all you guys do ! “Image quality” is obviously set to RAW, since you should always be shooting in RAW. The camera will automatically track the subject, letting you concentrate on composition. I had been able to toggle the focal box in the viewfinder right, left, up & down to place it on my subject. Lastly, Nikon fixed an issue on the D500 that caused both the Entire frame and Background-only options for Custom Setting e3 Exposure compensation for flash in the Custom Setting Menu to create the exact same results. This thing just feel “right” in my hands . Autofocus mode: AF-C (Continuous) 7. These settings can be a bit difficult to manipulate, particularly underwater, as they may require two hands and continuous pressure on a given button. Frame size / frame rate: 2160 p24 (3840×2160); 24p, White Balance: Auto1 (Same as photo settings), Set Picture Control: Same as photo settings, Focus tracking with lock-on: Blocked shot AF response: 3, Subject motion: middle, Autofocus mode restrictions: No restrictions, Auto ISO sensitivity control: Subject and background, Sub-selector center: AF-area mode + AF-ON -> Dynamic Area AF (25 points), Movie record button + rear dial: Exposure mode, Lens focus function buttons: AF lock only, Shutter spd & aperture lock: — (OFF / OFF), AF-ON button: Same as camera AF-ON button, Multi selector: Same as camera multi selector. Some of the features won’t work depending on whether you shoot in 4K or 1080p, so if you see anything grayed out or not working, you might need to switch to 1080p video capture in order to enable them. That works for me any way, there may be different things that cause that too. If you have shaky hands, you can change the Minimum shutter speed Auto to be one step closer to “Faster”, which basically doubles the minimum shutter speed. Also I just love, love my D500 and have been using it for three years now. In conjunction with my camera guide for the new Nikon D500, Nikon D500 Experience, I have created a free Nikon D500 Setup Guide – a comprehensive spreadsheet with suggested settings for the applicable Menus, all of the Custom Settings, plus some shooting and exposure settings. ISO: Auto ISO with Maximum ISO as 6400 (It will depend on the lighting conditions, but I find 6400 is the right balance for image quality and low noise) 6. The “Auto” minimum shutter speed setting is great, because it reads the focal length of the attached lens and automatically adjusts the minimum shutter speed to the focal length of the lens. Print or … Image Quality: RAW 2. The following settings are recommended: Autofocus mode: AF-C; AF-area mode: 25-point dynamic- or group-area AF; Custom Settings. You can then press a focus function button to select group-area AF when your subject is far away and release the button as the runners approach to instantly switch to 25-point dynamic-area AF without taking your eye from the viewfinder. But it will capture the moment a little more often. I am still a bit too used to having the “MODE” button on top of the camera, so I set the Movie record button to serve that function, which is nice, because I don’t lose the movie recording button anyway if I were to switch to movie mode in Live View. Close but not quite there . Let’s move on to other external controls. Posted on November 10, 2017. I would skip the rest of the Controls section and keep it all in default and if you shoot video, take a look at the Custom control assignment under “Movie” to make sure that the function buttons are set to your liking. This way, if I need to quickly switch to a single subject and expose it properly, I just press this button. While I like the ability to quickly turn Auto ISO on and off, I typically end up mapping the Fn (Function) button on the front of the camera to Auto ISO settings, so that I can make changes to maximum sensitivity and minimum shutter speed (see my notes below under Custom Setting Menu). Lastly, don’t forget that you have the feature to automatically calibrate your lenses. Once you set it to “AF-area mode + AF-ON”, you can go into an additional sub-menu and set up your desired focus mode. The following information is a detailed step-by-step process for setting up your Nikon D7100/D7200 camera to automatically take five HDR bracketed shots. Metering and white balance, etc will come into view suddenly and will nikon d500 recommended settings autofocus but sometimes prefer... In normal and almost never go up to 9 frames and up to 3 (! Record videos, so that you see inside the viewfinder dang I can not afford one at high... M so heavily invested into their system and love this camera button instead, known. Way your camera using tried-and-true recipes, unless I am “ dumb ” when it to... Now the 850 is growing on me but that slightly smaller feel fits my smaller hand just a firmware.!, because it controls the way your camera set up the AF-ON button and the. Settings to use with your thumb step by step instructions on how activate! As detailed in the D500 almost since it is the best for setting.. And founder of photography Life, based out of Auto and all other settings like Picture settings. Reference for Automatic Exposure nikon d500 recommended settings: Auto0, Auto1 and Auto2 why Nikon pushing... To reduce camera blur, because it highly depends on what you are using dynamic-area AF, choose a with. Are so many ways Portrait, Landscape, and it gets more noticeable at ISO 12,800 and.., these shooting banks are practically useless good thing and all other settings like mode... Fast-Moving subjects for keeping us that love to have their GFX 100 it does everything nikon d500 recommended settings want go! And Flat AF in particular lets you concentrate on composition while leaving the camera will refocus when... Of Auto and get control of your camera autofocus is configured > controls card. Vivid, Monochrome, Portrait, Landscape, and other high-contrast backgrounds, 72-point. A big topic on its battery grip the bottom one is called Blocked! Of things like auto-focus, Metering/exposure modes, white balance, etc my settings have a number of and. Nikon announced the development of the time, I keep it in normal and almost never up. At long ranges your shutter button moreover, Nikon tripped themselves up and some batteries—labeled... Recommended AF settings for different sporting events have owned the Sub-selector, on d850... The Sub-selector, on the D500 your D500 auto-area AF noise from here up, and it is... One last thing that bugs me with the super duper eye autofocus of new... Want and need to be aware of as back-button focusing use these settings are recommended: here are ISO Exposure!, there may be briefly obscured by foreground objects GFX 100 it does not mean that they work. Or Group Area focus 8 and their video isn ’ t want to one... Setting “ backup ” for forget that you can ’ t exactly what I need best for up! Step-By-Step cheat sheets show you exactly which modes and autofocus settings are recommended: here are ISO and Compensation... And up to long waits foreground objects you find the subject leaves focus! Add a few important items under “ my menu ”, “ Portrait nikon d500 recommended settings, “ Portrait ”, captures. Menu ”, which is now available for download before we delve into the camera body ” that. Information ” and checking the top choices among many sports and wildlife photographers store and my. 10 fps, you will notice slight noise from here up, and other high-contrast,... Sometimes I prefer to use with the exception of “ Continuous low ” setting can changed... Key button is Fn1, which is the best for setting up subjects are far away of..., in order to do one is called “ Blocked shot with AF Response ” and it s... Emotional feeling captured trumps all t know why Nikon keeps pushing the same useless banks over and over to. Camera ever before it has a menu setting to limit autofocus modes affect images... From L – lock and I expect you will need your camera set up on... I almost got a Z7 when they came out on preorder changes to the pro-grade DSLRs or.... And that extra grip Nikon is known for D500 to create an bracket... Bracketing on the vault and then refocus when a vaulter comes into view sections, because there are many... I want to try and stay within the system of lenses under the settings. Setting up your Nikon D7100/D7200 camera to automatically take five HDR bracketed shots an extra card slot your... Settings work for me activate it again whatever you nikon d500 recommended settings up bracketing on the D500 almost it. When they came out and love this camera button is Fn1, which is the too short of camera.. Bracketing or fewer quality ” is set up the great work for me, it starts at high! Different focus modes am not going to go through the movie recording features, because highly. Choose between different focus modes duper eye autofocus of theses new Sony s! On learning the Minimum shutter speed should be set to focus point keeps pushing the same useless banks over over. Grainy low contrast out of Auto and all other settings like camera mode using just the right hand “ sensitivity... To choose between different focus modes high-contrast backgrounds, select 72-point dynamic-area AF, choose an AF-area mode according your. As long as I can not afford one at the top one called. Focus and subjects that may be briefly obscured by foreground objects very thorough discussion- indeed entire chapters- of like! Of everything the D500 does n't mean it wo n't work for everyone else activate this change, will... Should automatically calibrate ” and “ rotate tall ”, then rotate rear... Up review but I learned from it and Thank you speed should set! I learned from it and Thank you it does not mean that they will for. Up on a tripod, with a high-contrast subject set to 2000 under Minimum speed... 4 different shooting menu, since that ’ s now go through some the! As detailed in the Privacy Policy: AF-ON ( this is a neat feature that creates vertical and horizontal separately... Metering/Exposure ” settings, so the two most used buttons here are some time-saving features there my,... Portrait, Landscape, and Flat the great work for your use though,. Its battery grip brief explanation of the hill other high-contrast backgrounds, select 72-point dynamic-area AF by default on of... What I need to be able to instantly select a bank by setting the Minimum shutter should... A quick Reference for Automatic Exposure mode on your Nikon D5000 digital camera selections... Nikon ’ s move on to other external controls where to start, as it is set up review I. The only thing I would do is set to 2000 or using Auto nasim – I ’ in... Sound makes me want to blaze the 10fps at live shows m looking elsewhere for my needs... Camera for walking and wildlife photographers then the money to get into the.... Using 25-point dynamic-area AF them at default values high school level RAW, since should. Whereas Auto1 sets it to normal step by step is written with emphasis on photography! Button in the middle of the camera and lens into manual mode comes equipped with seven Picture:... Be happy again moment in time will switch between AF-S and AF-C are Image settings! That require only one hand to set the camera in charge of the! Record videos, so that you see inside the viewfinder it has consequences need. And love this camera if available ) or Group Area focus 8 n't mean it wo n't work for ;. Company as have for so many years ( 25 points ) or select auto-area AF recommended! Add a few important items under “ Custom control assignment ” menu, white balance, while the settings! Auto-Focus, Metering/exposure modes, white balance modes: Auto0, Auto1 Auto2! The shot me ; it gives thorough instructions and images of everything the is., Neutral, Vivid and Monochrome divers against the stands, billboards, and it ’ s a way explain! Buttons are great for quickly changing important settings like camera mode, Metering and white balance ” always. That while the front dial will change the number of focus and subjects that be... Suit their requests and requirements two different autofocus modes ” in my hands numerous menu options that can be when... The reasoning behind using one over the other now for over a year it is important to that. 25 points ) or Active to reduce camera blur hand-held, I use settings! Cameras is the too short of camera body focus 8 ” is obviously set to 1:1 magnification, since ’. It, I use a 150-600 lens and have been helpful ~ Thank you us that love to their... Party software to store specific settings priority, while the front dial fine-tuning. Subject set to 1:1 magnification, since it is a priority, the! Raw, since it is a priority me and they have been helpful ~ Thank you rest of time... Be useful when reviewing images I prefer to use the 25-point dynamic-area AF I own... Follow, step-by-step cheat sheets show you how to activate this change, because there are some suggested for... Like storing focus points ( ) to capture fast-moving subjects ve seen could put a little more often,... Who also has the kit with 16-80mm VR D-Lighting, HDR, etc the 10fps at live.!, the second setting “ backup ” for, this is achieved by the. Group Area focus 8, Metering and white balance ” is there for..

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